Friends Saving Pittsburgh’s Old Stone Tavern

Tavern Ledger

From 1793 to 1797, in a script fine and feathery, an Old Stone Tavern innkeeper recorded the names and accounts of his pioneer patrons. He wrote down, still using English pounds and shillings, what his customers ate, what they drank and what they bought, from beef and bacon, cloth and clothing, to hay and oats for their horses.

As the earliest written record of the tavern, the ledger serves of a who’s who of early Western Pennsylvania patriots. In fact, some 109 American Revolutionary soldiers downed a pint or two at this favorite watering hole.

The Tavern, believed to have come alive in 1782, still stands at the corner of Greentree Rd and Woodville Ave in Pittsburgh’s West End, and our Carnegie Library is in possession this Tavern ledger, recently lovingly restored, which also spans a critical time in the Whiskey Rebellion over federal taxation. Members feel that finding this ledger is like finding the Rosetta Stone of Pittsburgh history.

Sadly, despite having Pittsburgh Historical designation, the Tavern is privately owned and falling into disrepair.

The Pittsburgh Old Stone Tavern Friends Trust aims to secure ownership of the tavern and its property, provide for its long-term preservation, and educate the public about its significance in United States history.

Revitilization Case For Support - PDF

Our vision for a revitalization of the Tavern and surrounding properties is covered in a 50 page book we’ve published, which you are invited to review and share with anyone interested, but especially possible developers!

In pursuit of our mission we meet monthly to follow any leads uncovered, and our president Norene Beatty gives frequent talks to groups educate about the Tavern, and especially the Whiskey Revolution. Please enjoy the information on our website, and contact us if you would like to know more about the Tavern, or have ideas about investors.

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